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IBA社 His-tag→Strep-tag変換アダプター His-STREPPER



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Cat. No. 2-0920-005

His-STREPPER, 500 μg


His-STREPPER- the His/Strep-tag®II Adapter - is a molecule comprising Strep-tag®II (SAWSHPQFEK) conjugated with a nickel charged trisNTA (see Fig.1a). It tightly binds to 6xHis-tag and thereby converts a 6xHis-tag fusion protein to a Strep-tag®II fusion protein without the need for cloning. (see Fig.1b)


His-STREPPER should be applied to the His-tag fusion protein present in the initial cell lysate or in the His-tag eluate if unsatisfying results from the His-tag elution step are obtained (Note, that imidazole affects binding of His-STREPPER).


The resulting Strep-tag fusion protein can be applied to a Strep-Tactin column and further processed according to the Strep-tag purification protocol. (see Fig.1c)


Elution of the converted Strep-tag fusion protein can be performed either with imidazole (to elute the His-tag protein without the Adapter) or with desthiobiotin (to elute the Strep-tag protein).


His-STREPPER allows His-tag users to benefit from the advantages of the Strep-tag purification system, namely the high purity of the isolated proteins, without a time-consuming cloning process.




Fig1: His-STREPPER binds to 6xHis-tag fusion proteins and thereby converts them to Strep-tag fusion proteins. These can be purified through Strep-Tactin. 




Fig2: Purification results for GFP-His using different purification protocols. His-STREPPER: Strep-Tactin provides better results than His-tag:Ni-NTA.


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