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NORGEN社 Purify Genomic and Apoptotic DNA with one Protocol



Urine DNA Isolation Kit (Slurry Format) (Cat. 48800)


This kit provides a fast, reliable and simple procedure for isolating DNA from urine volumes ranging from 3 mL to 25 mL. Both high molecular weight DNA (greater than 1 kb in size; mostly cell associated) and the smaller DNA (150 - 250 bp; derived from the circulation) is effectively isolated and purified with a rapid and convenient spin column protocol.


  • Multiple samples can be processed in 45 minutes.


  • Unlike other methods, Norgen’s Urine DNA Isolation Kit (Slurry Method) does not require any additional urine concentrating devices


  • Purify both genomic and apoptotic DNA with one protocol



    • Isolate high-quality total RNA and all sizes of circulating and exosomal RNA, including microRNA


    • Very sensitive and linear without the need for carrier RNA


    • Isolate inhibitor-free urinary RNA


    • Slurry/Spin column and Slurry/96-well format available



If you are interested in learning more about urinary RNA purification, check out our latest on-demand webinar, Unlocking the Importance of Urine Biomarkers!


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