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Norgen's TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit is an all-in-one, ready-to-use product for the reverse transcription of microRNA from either Total RNA preparations or enriched microRNA preparations. The kit contains the 2x Reaction Mix and the TruScript microRNA Enzyme Mix. The kit utilizes Norgen’s TruScript Reverse Transcriptase, a mutant version of Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (M-MuLV) Reverse Transcriptase. It has reduced RNase H activity and increased thermal stability.
The workflow of Norgen's TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit involves a simple, single-tube set-up by the mixing of 2x Reaction Mix, Enzyme Mix and the RNA template. Reaction can then be carried out in a thermocycler. A poly (A) tail is first added to the RNA template, followed by cDNA synthesis using an adapter primer. In addition to the ease-of-use, the single-tube set-up provides superb consistency and sensitivity. The cDNA could be used in a PCR or qPCR amplification using an Universal PCR Reverse Primer and the forward primer that contains sequence of the microRNA of interest. A single cDNA preparation could be used for PCR amplification of a number of different microRNAs. In addition, the cDNA preparation could be used for PCR or qPCR detection (using gene-specific forward and reverse primers) of mRNA or large RNA if Total RNA preparation was the starting template. This could allow for parallel evaluation of expression level of microRNAs and microRNA-targets.








Figure 1. High Sensitivity with Robust Amplification of microRNAs from Different Amounts of RNA Input using Norgen’s TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit. Norgen’s TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit was used in an RT-qPCR reaction to amplify the human miR-1246 and miR-21 from a dilution series of HeLa total RNA isolated using Norgen’s Total RNA Purification Kit. The PCR target was robustly amplified from a broad range of RNA inputs, from the 200 ng down to 2 pg.







Figure 2. Robust Reverse Transcription of All RNA Transcripts (microRNAs and mRNA). Norgen’s TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit could effectively reverse transcribe both microRNA and other RNA species such as mRNA and large RNAs, allowing the parallel study of microRNA and its targets. HeLa RNA (200 ng) was used as a template in a reverse transcription using the TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit. The resulting cDNA was used in three different qPCR reactions for three different species of RNA. The top three panels showed the successful PCR amplification curve for miR-21 (microRNA), 5S rRNA (RNA without poly-A tail) and S15 (large mRNA). The lower three panels showed that each of the three PCR amplification showed unique amplicon with unique melt curve characteristics.




Component Product # 54415  (12 Reactions) Product # 54410 (50 Reactions)
TruScript microRNA Enzyme Mix 12 μL 50 μL
2x Reaction Mix 120 μL 500 μL
Universal PCR Reverse Primer 60 μL 250 μL
Nuclease-Free Water 1.25 mL 2 x 1.25 mL
Product Insert 1 1



Storage Conditions and Product Stability
Norgen's TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit components should be stored at -20°C. These reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers.



Cat # Description Quantity
54410 TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit 50 reactions
54415 TruScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit 12 reactions





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