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Princeton Separations社 ダイターミネーター除去キット Centri-Sep 96 Well Plates









The Centri-Sep 96 kit has been specially designed for effective and reliable high-throughput removal of excess dye terminators, such as DyeDeoxy™ and BigDye™, from completed DNA sequencing reactions. Clean reads are obtained with uniform signal intensity starting with the first base from all 96 wells. All 96 samples may be prepared simultaneously, either manually or by robotics, within 15 minutes. The Centri•Sep 96 contains a hydrated matrix which should be stored between 4 and 8 °C.



Centri-Sep 96-well plates can also be used for the following applications:

  • Purification of fluorescent reaction mixtures
  • Removal of free and labeled dNTP's
  • Purification of nick translation reactions
  • Purification of end-labeling reactions
  • Purification of polymerization reactions
  • Purification, desalting, or buffer exchange of proteins
  • Removal of traces of phenol
  • Removal of excess nucleotides and small primers in PCR reactions
  • Removal of small radioactive precursors




Advantages of Centri-Sep 96 Well Plates:

  • Optimized matrix for Big Dye reactions
  • Hydrated, ready-to-use 96 well format
  • Gels may be read from the first base
  • Lower cost per base than ethanol precipitation
  • High, uniform signal intensity provides long reads
  • Precision filled and consistant bed height allows accurate robotic sample application









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