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SinoBiological社 Anti Omicron Spike Antibody


The spike protein of the Omicron Variant carries more than 30 mutations. It’s critically important to understand whether these mutations allow the Omicron variant to escape from neutralizing antibodies.
After screening a panel of previously established spike antibodies, we identified one mAb, clone 40592-MM117, strongly reactive with the Omicron Spike protein. There is another antibody that demonstrates moderate reactivity against the Omicron variant. All other tested clones, including several broad-spectrum ACE2-competing neutralizing antibodies, don’t bind with the mutant at all.
It’s noteworthy that clone 40592-MM117 has non-ACE2 competing neutralizing activity against both the original strain and the Delta variant. Interestingly, the other mAb tested reactive to Omicron also has non-ACE2 binding neutralizing activity against previous strains. Whether the same clones can also neutralize the Omicron variant is currently being tested.
SARS-CoV-2 Spike Antibody, Omicron Reactive, Mouse MAb
Cat: 40592-MM117
• Ability to Recognize Omicron Spike Protein
40592-MM117 showed strong reactivity with Omicron spike protein.
Cat# ACE2 Competing Neutralizing Activity WT Delta Omicron
Broad-spectrum neutralization ab 1          
Broad-spectrum neutralization ab 2          
Broad-spectrum neutralization ab 3          
Broad-spectrum neutralization ab 4          
• Binding Activity by ELISA Assay against SARS-CoV-2 Variants
40592-MM117 shows binding activity against spike proteins of the Omicron variant. It also detects the wild type and Delta variants. In comparison, the other two broad-spectrum ACE2-competing neutralizing antibodies, 40591-MM43 and 40150-D001, do not bind with the Omicron variant.
    Omicron RBD Protein
(Cat#: 40592-V08H121)
  Delta RBD Protein
(Cat#: 40592-V49H1)
  RBD Protein
(Cat#: 40592-V08H)

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