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Media of Choice for Adherent & Organotypic Neural Stem Cell Culture


RHB-A is a proprietary, defined, serum-free cell culture medium that has been specifically formulated for the culture of pure populations of adherent human and mouse NS cells. This optimized medium ensures the stable maintenance of NS cell differentiation capacity after prolonged culture in vitro1.


RHB-A has also been demonstrated to:







Neural Cell Culture


For the derivation, maintenance and expansion of adherent human and mouse NS cells1,3,5, RHB-A should be supplemented with Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF-2). Key performance attributes of RHB-A include:









Neural Differentiation


NS to neurons


Sequential withdrawal of the EGF and the FGF-2 growth factor supplements from RHB-A can enable the efficient differentiation of greater than 40% of adherent human NS and mouse NS cells into neurons1, 2.



Differentiated human NS cells






ES to neurons


The use of RHB-A without growth factor supplements has been shown to enable improved differentiation of mouse ES cells when plated in adherent monolayer conditions4,7. Efficiencies of greater than 80% differentiation of mouse ES cells into neural precursors have been recorded.


Monolayer differentiation of ES cells to neurons




ES cells                                                       ES-derived neurons








Glioblastoma Stem Cell Culture


RHB-A has been demonstrated to support the maintenance and expansion of glioblastoma stem cells when supplemented with EGF and FGF-26.





To provide maximum flexibility for your research needs, we also provide a basal formulation of the RHB-A medium called RHB-Basal. This proprietary basal formulation does not contain any neuronal supplements, thereby enabling you to tailor RHB-Basal to suit the specific requirements of your cell type through the addition of your choice of supplements.





Product Name Cat. No. Amount
RHB-A SCS-SF-NB-01 500 ml
RHB-Basal SCS-SF-NB-00 500 ml







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