Normal phase chromatography


Title / Author / Journal, Vol. I(ssue),Year, Page
Prenylterphenyllin and Its Dehydroxyl Analogs, New Cytotoxic Substances from a Marine-derived Fungus Aspergillus candidus IF10
H. Wei, H. Inada, A. Hayashi, K. Higashimoto, P. Pruksakorn, S. Kamada, M. Arai, S. Ishida and M. Kobayashi
The Journal of Antibiotics, 60(9), 2007, 586-590
Two New Steroid Glycosides and a New Sesquiterpenoid Glycoside from the Underground Parts of Trillium kamtschaticum
M. Ono, C. Takamura, F. Sugita, C. Masuoka, H. Yoshimitsu, T. Ikeda and T. Nohara
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 55(4), 2007, 551

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