message from nacalai tesque For new discoveries, reagents are vital

Reagents are high-purity chemical products used in testing and research.
They are essential for the development of new materials, safety testing, environmental analysis, and other fields and technologies that contribute to our society.
In new discoveries, or a when a great bound forward is made, Nacalai Tesque reagents act as the catalyst spurring the movement forward.


Matter burns, metal rusts, fired clay turns to ceramic.
These phenomena have been known and utilised for progression of society since ancient times. However, it was not until the 19th century that these were recognized as chemical changes; the bonding and cleaving of atoms forming new substances, and used on an industrial scale.
This led to unprecedented strides in knowledge and technology.
Minute changes on a molecular level lead to dramatic changes, and new substances. These new substances can change industry, lives, and even the fundamental structure of society.

The quest for new substances is continuing in fields as diverse as medicine, energy, materials engineering, electronics, and biotechnology.
One drop can change the world.

That unlimited potential is contained in each of our chemical reagents.

世界を変える、 一滴の力。

nacalai tesque the quality for certainty


history of nacalai tesque
1846 Entrepreneurship

At Nacalai Tesque's current HQ location, Mansuke Nakarai establishes his Chinese medicine business. This marks the independence from the Nakarai family, a family famous for serving as head physician to the Imperial court.

history of nacalai tesque
1908 Direct trade

Whilst running a medicine business, Nakarai begins direct import of
reagents. The business expands along
with the industrial growth of the era.

history of nacalai tesque
1958 Company establishment

The reagents dept. is spunoff to create
the modern-day company, first known
as Nakarai Chemicals. In-house
products become a major part of
operations and the company rides the
wave of economic growth of the
post-war period in Japan.

history of nacalai tesque
1968 Advancement

With the establishment of the Kyoto Factory to the south, the company is no longer a local distr ibutor, but now a manufacturer of reagent products.

history of nacalai tesque
1987,1988 Transformation

Our fully-fledged research center within the Kyoto Factory is established. Biotechnology research commences, and advances are made in producing original products; a whole new field of business is cultivated. The next year the company is re-branded to Nacalai Tesque.

history of nacalai tesque
1998,2005 Taking flight

Our warehouse in Shiga was opened in 1998. In 2005, our first overseas subsidiary company is established, Nacalai USA. This is one portal to accessing international fairs and expanding brand recognition around the world. Our e-commerce platform e-nacalai makes ordering products from anywhere in the world and around the clock possible.

history of nacalai tesque
2016 looking forward the furture

In 2016, a new iPS cell (induced pluripotent stem cell) research group was established in our research and development department. We developed a cell medium for differentiation of iPS cells into cardiomyocytes and started test marketing. In May of the same year, we began operations at a new logistics center.

Organic partnerships with our professional network

Reagents are essential to a wide range of scientific fields. We produce
our own reagents and we also supply the best of other
companies' products, from Japan and abroad.
From research and production to sales and marketing, all of our
departments work closely together to meet our customers'
diverse needs.

Research  Development Our future is in unlocking value from new discoveries

Improving lives through life science

We challenge ourselves to create new and useful reagents for cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, histology, and other life science fields. With our expertise, curiosity, and creative thinking, we contribute to the improvement of people's lives through life science. One such recent development is our Bullet Page precast gel for western blotting, which greatly speeds up the whole process.

Novel value-added products

Our unique high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns have attracted attention worldwide, with more than 5,000 references in academic journals. In addition, we have a long history as a manufacturer of liquid cell culture media, and we use our expertise to make custom media to meet the demands of researchers.

Production People and machines conditioned to produce unconditional quality

Limited production of diversified productline means quality is a certainty

The most important consideration for our production department is consistent quality. From raw material to completion, we use highly standardized procedures and a rigorous system of checks to ensure consistency.

Highly skilled workforce allows for consistent quality

We are in charge of every process from manufacturing to labelling and packaging. As there are many processes which must be done manually, we train skilled professionals to ensure that we can continously produce world-class quality.

Marketing Delivering the latest information to our customers

E-commerce platform

Our online catalog, e-Nacalai, is one of the largest catalogs of reagents and lab equipment in the world. Products from over 1,300 manufacturers are available for purchase at all hours of the day. Detailed technical information is also readily available.

Planning and promotions

We distribute the latest product information through our web site, catalogs, seminars, brochures and other periodic publications.
Using video-conferencing and other communication methods, we exchange information and negotiate with stakeholders within Japan and abroad.

sales Close relationships based on sincerity

Route sales

Outside our main office in Kyoto, you can see some of our sales cars with the Nacalai Tesque logo. These vehicles frequent universities, hospitals, businesses, and world-reknowned universities such as Kyoto University. In addition to our direct sales, we also have a unique network of distributors around Japan and across the globe.

Speedy delivery from our logistics centre


After order information is entered in our system, it is automatically transferred to our logistics center. In-stock items can be shipped the next day. Overseas bound orders are shipped by a variety of couriers.

International は、世界のブランド

Connecting Japan and the world

Our international department formulates contracts with our overseas agents, conducts PR activities (including the creation of marketing materials), and is responsible for bringing Nacalai Tesque products to the world. Duties also include importing the best products from overseas for local customers. Including the establishment of Nacalai USA in 2005, we manage our operations with a global view in mind.

Marketing and promotion through distributors and at trade shows

Our international department actively promotes Nacalai Tesque products at international conferences. They are also responsible for ensuring overseas bound products are sent smoothly and information is produced in a timely fashion. Nacalai USA, established in 2005, is charged with sales in the North American market. In many other regions we utilize contracts with distributors so customers can discover our products in practically all regions that will legally accept them.

Company insignia / name nacalai tesque the quality for certainty

“Nacalai” is derived from the name Nakarai,
with which we have a long history - made to be easier to read.
“Tesque” was formed with the hope of creating
an even greater company, encapsulating our enthusiasm.
It's derived from the words "Test" and "Quality".
As a leading reagent company, testing and ensuring the highest quality
of all of our products is of upmost importance.

Our company logo features the shape of an "N", taken from Nacalai.
The fours arcs around the central “N” represent vigor and step-by-step growth.

Finally, and most importantly, "The quality for certainty" is our promise
in order to gain the trust of all stakeholders.