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  • High purity silica gel (>99.99%) with special treatment
  • Suitable for preparative separation

Product Information


Packing Material SL-II
USP Code L3
Silica Gel High Purity Porous Spherical Silica
Average Particle Size 3, 5, 15 µm
Average Pore Size approx. 120 Å
Specific Surface Area approx. 300 m2/g
Stationary Phase
  • High purity Silica Gel (>99.99%) with specially treatment
  • Suitable for preparative separation

Comparison with Old Type

COSMOSIL SL-II with high purity silica gel offers better peak shape for phenols with simple mobile phase of ethanol or hexane. No acetic acid additives were required, unlike for the old type silica.

Analysis of acids and amide without ionic additives

Column Size 4.6 mm I.D. × 250 mm Detection UV 254 nm, 0.5AUFS
Mobile Phase Methanol : Hexane = 10 : 90 Sample
  1. Benzoic Acid4.0 µg
  2. Salicylic Acid6.0 µg
  3. Salicylamide4.0 µg
Flow Rate 1 ml/min
Temperature 30°C

Comparison with Medium-pressure Columns

COSMOSIL SL-II offers sharper peak compared with packing materials for medium-pressure liquid chromatography and open chromatography.

Column 5SL-II A Company Cartridge
(30 µm silica gel)
B Company Cartridge
(60 µm silica gel)
Column Size 20 mm I.D. x 250 mm 26 mm I.D. x 104 mm 26 mm I.D. x 104 mm
Pressure 1.3 MPa 0.25 MPa 0.15 MPa
Chromatogram 5SL-II A company cartridge B company cartridge
Mobile Phase Ethanol : Hexane = 5 : 95 Sample
  1. p-Xylene8.3 mg
  2. Cinnamyl Alcohol 1.7 mg
  3. p-Nitrobenzyl Alcohol4.2 mg
Flow Rate 10 ml/min
Temperature Room Temperature
Detection UV 254 nm

Scaling Up from Analytical to Preparative Separation

Normal phase chromatography, with non-polar mobile phase and low boiling point is used for preparative separation because solvent removal is generally easier for normal phase chromatography than for reversed chromatography. The followings are how to scale up from analytical (4.6 mm I.D.) to preparative (20.0 mm I.D.) separation.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Mobile phase is optimized
by using 4.6 mm I.D. × 250 mm column
Maximum load capacity is optimized
by using 4.6 mm I.D. × 250 mm column
Preparative separation
by using 20 mm I.D. × 250 mm column
As mobile phase, highly soluble solvent for sample is suitable. Maximum injection volume 56 µl (28 mg) Maximum injection volume 1,050 µl (525 mg)
(19 times higher than 4.6 mm I.D.)
step-1 step-2 step-3
Mobile Phase Ethyl Acetate : Hexane = 10 : 90 Sample 1.1-Naphthol 1-Naphthol
Flow Rate 4.6 mm I.D. : 1 ml/min
20 mm I.D. : 18.9 ml/min
Temperature Room Temperature 2.2-Naphthol 2-Naphthol
Detection UV 254 nm

Inner Diameter of Column(scale down and scale up) (PDF 344 KB)


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Ordering Information

Analytical and Preparative Column (Particle size : 5 µm)


Product Name Size Product No. Price
COSMOSIL 5SL-II Guard Column
4.6 mm l.D.×10 mm 37997-01 e-Nacalai
10 mm l.D.×20 mm 37998-91
20 mm l.D.×20 mm 05874-91
20 mm l.D.×50 mm 05875-81
28 mm l.D.×50 mm 34359-51
COSMOSIL 5SL-II Packed Column
4.6 mm l.D.×50 mm 37999-81 e-Nacalai
4.6 mm l.D.×100 mm 38000-01
4.6 mm l.D.×150 mm 38001-91
4.6 mm l.D.×250 mm 38002-81
6.0 mm l.D.×150 mm 38003-71
6.0 mm l.D.×250 mm 38004-61
10 mm l.D.×250 mm 38005-51
20 mm l.D.×250 mm 38006-41
28 mm l.D.×250 mm 34358-61

Preparative Column (Particle size : 15 µm)


Product Name Size Product No. Price
COSMOSIL 15SL-II Guard Column
28 mm l.D.×50 mm 05892-51 e-Nacalai
50 mm l.D.×50 mm 05894-31
COSMOSIL 15SL-II Packed Column
28 mm l.D.×250 mm 05893-41 e-Nacalai
50 mm l.D.×250 mm 05895-21
50 mm l.D.×500 mm 05896-11

Fast LC Column (Particle size : 3 µm)


Product Name Size Product No. Price
COSMOSIL 3SL-II Packed Column
4.6 mm l.D.×10 mm 38059-61 e-Nacalai
4.6 mm l.D.×50 mm 38060-21
4.6 mm l.D.×100 mm 38061-11

(Storage) RT: Room temperature, A: Cool and dark, R: Refrigerator, F: Freeze