COSMOSIL 40th Anniversary

From Kyoto

There was a time when gas chromatography was the most powerful separation technique, without any good alternatives. Then liquid chromatography appeared, and it has been gaining popularity since the 1970s. We launched the Cosmosil Development Project to collect information about customers' needs to develop our first HPLC column. In 1980, Cosmosil was born in Kyoto.

Kyoto is well known as old Japan, but its role as a high technology center is less familiar. Companies with cutting-edge technology in entertainment, telecommunication and analytics, as well as academic achievements such as induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) development and identification of programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1), rose from Kyoto.

This is the place where we were born and continue to grow, the place where history and future are fused. Cosmosil was born and lives here.

To contribute to the development of happiness–this is our creed.

All isomers of dioxin, an environmental toxin, were separated by a research team from Kyoto Institute of Technology using Cosmosil in 1994.

Others' happiness is our own.

What can you contribute to the world with Cosmosil?

Meaning of logo

meaning of 40th anniversary logo

Cosmosil Brand History

COSMOSIL brand history
Year Column Remark
1980 5C18* Our first column.
1981 5SL* Normal phase chemistry with 5 µm particle size.
1982 5C18-P*, 5CN-R* Expanded reversed-phase selectivity for polar compounds with C18 and cyano phases.
1984 3C18-P*, 3C18-P*, NH2,5C8*, 5TMS* Expanded reversed-phase offerings and introduced our first amino phase.
1985 5PE*, 5C18-300*, 5C8-300*, 5C4-300*, 5GPC-100*, 5GPC-300* Introduced several columns for protein and polymer analysis.
1988 5GPC-60* GPC for lower-MW polymers.
1989 PYE PYE has very high retention and selectivity for pi electrons (double & triple bonds) as well as planar selectivity. It has been used to separate PAHs and other organic pollutants.
1990 5C18-AR*, NPE, 5Diol-120*, 5Diol-300* The first versions of our acid-resistant C18 column and size exclusion (SEC) series.
1991 5C18-AR-300 For protein analysis with acidic mobile phase, expanding possibilities for protein analysis.
1992 5C8-AR-300, 5C4-AR-300, Ph-AR-300 Expanded acid-resistant product line.
1993 5C18-MS, Buckyprep Upgraded our standard C18 column, and introduced our famous Buckyprep for fullerene analysis.
1994 PBB Preparative column for fullerenes.
1996 5C18-AR-II, NH2-MS, 5CN-MS, 5C8-MS, 5C4-MS, 5TMS-MS, 5PE-MS Upgraded many of our columns with improved bonding technology.
1997 SL-II, 5C18-P-MS* Improved our silica column with modern techniques for better peak performance.
2000 5C18-MS-II, 3C18-MS-II, 3C18-AR-II, 3SL-II, 5Diol-120-II, 5Diol-300-II Modern versions of our C18 and size exclusion series.
2002 5C18-PAQ Our 100% aqueous C18 column for hydrophilic compounds.
2003 Buckyprep-M, CSP-HPR*, 5C22-AR-II, HIC Added additional selectivity to our Buckyprep series and introduced our hydrophobic interaction column for protein analysis.
2004 Sugar-D Introduced our specialty column for saccharide separations.
2005 PBB-R*, Cholester Introduced Cholester, a reversed-phase column for stereoisomers, and PBB-R, the predecessor to PBr.
2006 HILIC, Protein-R Developed our unique HILIC phase and a C18 column specialized for protein analysis.
2007 πNAP Our column for positional isomers and others–like a phenyl column, but stronger.
2008 2.5C18-MS-II, 2.5Cholester The first of our 2.5 um series.
2009 CNT Specialty column for carbon nanotubes.
2010 2.5πNAP, IEX series Introduced our ion exchange series.
2012 3C18-EB, Buckyprep-D Released 3C18-EB, with our best endcapping technology to date, and additional selectivity for our Buckyprep series.
2013 5PFP, 5PBr, 2.5HILIC Several columns for alternative selectivity, including PBr, which can retain polar and non-polar compounds in reversed-phase mode.
2014 2.6C18, 2.6Cholester Introduced our core-shell series with standard C18 and our specialty Cholester phase.
2015 2.6PBr, HP, PY, 5Diol-1000-II Added PBr to our core-shell series, and introduced our SFC columns.
2017 Chiral series Introduced our chiral series for separation of optically active compounds.
2019 3Cholester, 3PBr Further improvement of our particle size lineup for specialty columns.

Legacy products. These are now discontinued, or may be discontinued soon. See our legacy products page for current products.

COSMOSIL Premium Package Limited Edition

We are pleased to inform that a COSMOSIL premium package comes with a HPLC column of the most common chemistry, C18 phase, to commemorate the 40th anniversary. The wood-based column box with the hot-ironed brand logo on the center is available in a limited quantity.

Product number Bonded phase Size
38019-81 COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-2 Packed Column 4.6 mm I.D. × 150 mm
38020-41 COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-2 Packed Column 4.6 mm I.D. × 250 mm
38144-31 COSMOSIL 5C18-AR-2 Packed Column 4.6 mm I.D. × 150 mm
38145-21 COSMOSIL 5C18-AR-2 Packed Column 4.6 mm I.D. × 250 mm
column with commemorative box