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AAT Bioquest社最新ニュースレター:AssayWise Newsletters 2013, Vol 2(2)

AAT Bioquest社の最新ニュースレターであるAssayWise Newsletters 2013, Vol 2(2) を弊社Web siteへアップしました。


AAT Bioquest社掲載ページはこちら(1ページ目をご覧ください)。


New Product Highlights

  • Monitoring Cell Cycles
  • Multicolor Labeling of Cell Nucleus with DNA-Binding Dyes
  • DAX-J2™ Ratio 580/460 for Detecting Nitric Oxide (NO)

Biochemical Assays

  • Neuraminidase Assay
  • Sphingomyelinase Assay
  • Multiplexing Caspase Activity Detection

Cell-Based Assays

  • Ratio Imaging of Cells with RatioWorks™ Probes
  • Multicolor Labeling of Dead Cells for Flow Cytometric Analysis

Labeling Probes

  • iFluor™ Fluorescent Probes for Labeling Antibodies
  • trFluor™ Bioconjugates for Developing No Wash ELISA Assays