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IL-13 receptors, including IL13RA1, IL13RA2, and IL4R subunits, are components of the IL-4/IL-13 signaling pathways. They are associated with the pathogenesis and therapeutic development of cancer, asthma, and allergic diseases. As a glioma-restricted cell-surface epitope, IL13RA2 is being evaluated clinically as a potential cancer vaccine and CAR-T therapy target.
The IL-13 receptors can be functionally classified into two types: shared and private. The shared IL-13 receptor is comprised of IL13RA1 and IL4R. IL-13 can also bind to the private IL-13 receptor, IL13RA2. IL13RA1 serves as the primary IL13-binding subunit of the IL-13 receptors. IL13RA2 can block IL-13-induced STAT6 signaling by acting as a decoy receptor with higher affinity. Overexpression of IL-13RA2, induced by TNF-alpha and IL-13 signaling, can contribute to pro-fibrotic effects by activating AP-1 signaling and the production of TGF beta. IL-4R can also complex with the common gamma chain (γc/IL2RG) to mediate the signaling of IL-4.
Sino Biological has developed an array of high-quality Proteins, Antibodies, Genes, Lysate, and qPCR Primer pairs to support the study of IL-13 Receptors in understanding the immune response against neoplastic and inflammatory diseases.
atom.png • From various species such as Human, Mouse, Canine, Rat, and Cynomolgus
• High activity, High purity
MAb.png • Validated in Neutralization ELISA, WB, IF, and ICC
• Rabbit MAb & PAb, Mouse MAb
Featured IL-13 Receptor Proteins
Cynomolgus IL13RA1 Protein | 90864-C08H
90864-C08H.pngImmobilized Human IL-13 Protein (Cat#: 10369-H01H) can bind Cynomolgus IL13RA1 Protein
Cynomolgus IL4R Protein | 90897-C02H
Ability to inhibit IL-4 dependent proliferation of TF-1 human erthroleukemic cells
Mouse IL13RA2 Protein | 50061-M38H
Immobilized mouse IL13RA2 can bind IL13/Biotin (Cat#: 10369-HNAC)
Ability to inhibit mouse IL13-dependent proliferation of TF-1 human erythroleukemic cells

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