Protein Electrophoresis

WIDE RANGE Gel Preparation Buffer English(1.0 MB)
Bullet PAGE One Precast Gel English(1.8 MB)
Bullet CBB Stain One (Ready to Use) English(0.8 MB)
Molecular Wight Markers English(1.2 MB)
CBB Stain One (Ready-to-use) English(2.2 MB)
Gel Negative Stain Kit English(1.2 MB)
His-Detect In-Gel Stain English(0.6 MB)
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, granular English(5.3 MB)

Affinity purification

High performance magnetic nanoparticle (FG beads) English(2.2 MB)

Cell Culture

Cell Culture Reagents English(6.1 MB)
Custom Services for Cell Culture Media English(0.8 MB)
Cell Counting Reagents (Cell Count Reagent SF) English(1.6 MB)
Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit English(2.7 MB)
Cell Reservoir One (serum-free cell freezing medium for slow freezing method) English(1.0 MB)
Cell Reservoir One, Vitrify (serum-free cell freezing medium for vitrification method) English(1.9 MB)
Cell Culture Labware (EZSPHERE for Spheroid Formation) English(1.1 MB)
Peel-Off Cell Culture Flask (EZ-OPEN Top FLASK for Easy Cell Retrieval) English(1.1 MB)
Recombinant LIF Proteins English(1.2 MB)
Gellan Gum English(1.5 MB)

Cell Extraction and Protein Assay

Zymolyase®-20T / Zymolyase®-100T English(0.6 MB)
Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail / Protease Inhibitor Cocktail English(0.6 MB)

Western Blotting

Bullet Semi-Dry Transfer One English(2.3 MB)
Bullet Blocking One English(3.2 MB)
Blocking One Series English(1.4 MB)
Chemi-Lumi One Series English(1.9 MB)
BCIP-NBT Solution Kit English(1.4 MB)
WB Stripping Solution English(1.3 MB)
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Western Blotting English(0.9 MB)
Epitope Tag Antibody English(0.7 MB)

ImmunoHistoChemistry / ImmunoCytoChemistry

Fluoro-KEEPER Antifade Reagent, Non-Hardening Type English(3.3 MB)
Peroxidase Stain Kit for Immuno-blotting English(1.3 MB)
Blocking One Histo English(1.4 MB)
HistoVT One English(3.4 MB)
Epitope Tag Antibody English(0.7 MB)
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain English(0.9 MB)
BCIP-NBT Solution Kit English(1.4 MB)

Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis and Purification

Fine-powdered Agarose English(2.2 MB)
Sepasol-RNA I Super G English(0.6 MB)


Sialic Acid Related Products English(1.0 MB)
Natural Compounds English(11.9 MB)