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The Newest Live Cell RNA Imaging Tool

SPYRHO 555 is a fluorogenic dye ligand for the RNA aptamer RhoBAST (a novel fluorescence light-up RNA aptamer). SPYRHO 555 is cell permeable, highly fluorogenic and photostable. With its high affinity and fast on/off binding kinetics, it allows overcoming the main issues of live cell RNA imaging. SPYRHO 555 is highly suited for widefield, confocal, STED or single molecule localization microscopy.


Figure A. Chemical structure of SPYRHO 555. Figure B. SPYRHO 555 reversibly binds to RhoBAST aptamer with fast kinetics. Unbound SPYRHO 555 exists predominantly in the closed form and is not fluorescent. Upon binding to RhoBAST aptamer, SPYRHO 555 switches to the open form and becomes highly fluorescent.

SPYRho 555 Details:


Absorbance maximum λabs - 562 nm

Fluorescence maximum λfl - 581 nm

Works on fixed cells? - yes

Probe quantity - 100 stainings*

ΦF (RNA bound) - 0.95

Kd to RhoBAST aptamer - 34nM

STED depletion wavelength - 660 nm

MW - 492.5 g/mol

Shipping - Room Temperature

Storage - -20°C

SPYRHO_2.pngDeconvoluted CLSM and STED image of living Cos7 cells expressing CGG99-FMR1-GFP-RhoBAST16 mRNA incubated with SpyRho (100 nM) for 30 min before imaging. Scale bar, 2µm.
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