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The novel labeling kits presented here are designed for site-specific labeling of



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General method for protein modification at the C terminus: Under mild and biocompatible conditions a protein thioester is transformed with 1,2-bis(oxyamino)ethane into an oxyamino-modified species that in a second step reacts rapidly with ketones carrying a fluorescent label.
(adapted from Yi et al. (2010))


ProductCat. No.AmountDownloads
C-terminal Protein Labeling Kit
Universal C-terminal Protein Labeling with Coumarin
FP-301-COU 1 Kit
(for labeling of 5 mg protein)
N-terminal Protein Labeling Kit
Universal N-terminal Protein Labeling with Coumarin
FP-302-COU 1 Kit
(for labeling of 5 mg protein)
Protein Dual-Labeling Kit
Universal C/N-terminal Protein Labeling with Fluorescein/Coumarin
FP-303-FLU 1 Kit
(for labeling of 5 mg protein)


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