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Recent advances in neuroscience have provided researchers with new state of the art tools to investigate the complex neural networks underlying behaviors in health and disease. These include:

Chemogenetic Tools

We have recently expanded our range of chemogenetic tools. As well as DREADD ligands, our range now includes ultrapotent PSEMs (uPSEMs) for the modulation of neuronal activity in vivo, via chimeric ion channels known as PSAMs.


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Deschloroclozapine (DCZ)

Deschloroclozapine is a highly potent and selective hM 3D q and hM 4D i DREADD agonist, which displays superior specificity and blood brain barrier penetration making it an excellent
option for in vivo electrophysiology experiments.


uPSEM 817

Selective ultrapotent agonist for PSAM 4-GlyR and PSAM 4-5-HT 3 chimeric ion channels. Suppresses firing of layer 2/3 cortical neurons expressing PSAM 4-GlyR in brain slices. Brain penetrant in vivo.


Featured Caged Compounds

Caged compounds enable the precise timed release of ligands adjacent to their receptors, reducing the effects of diffusion on the size and kinetics of the receptor’s response to the ligand. This is particularly useful in complex tissues preparations such as brain slices.

Cat. No.

Product Name




Stable photoreleaser of L-glutamate



Caged GABA; excitable at visible wavelengths


DMNPE-4 AM-caged-calcium

Caged calcium; cell-permeable


CNV Dopamine

Caged dopamine; photolysed by UV light



Caged Raseglutarant (Cat. No. 4416); negative allosteric   modulator of mGlu5 receptors


PA Nic

Caged nicotine; photoactivated by one-photon and two-photon   excitation


False Fluorescent Neurotransmitters (FFNs)

FFNs are fluorescent substrates for neurotransmitter transporters, which allow imaging of synaptic vesicles within the nerve terminal and synaptic cleft.


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