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TriLink is pleased to be attending the World Vaccine Congress virtual conference from May 4th – May 6th. Jessica Madigan, Director, Business Development GMP, at TriLink, will present a talk on Rapid mRNA Manufacturing for Vaccine Development on May 4th at 12:45 PT/3:45 ET. (日本時間5月5日午前4時45分) Join us for the session! Registration to the conference is free, do not miss your opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the rapidly evolving vaccine industry.


Virtual Events that Inform and Inspire

TriLink is proud to offer multiple online learning opportunities on mRNA basics, vaccines, genome editing, and more. Our upcoming events include: 

  • 4/29/21: Precision Genome      Editing without Double-Strand Breaks – Featuring Dr. David Liu
  • 5/19/21: mRNA Basics:      Optimizing Your mRNA Coding Sequence
  • 6/15/21: mRNA Basics: Getting Started with GMP Manufacturing

Learn more and register on our Events page. 


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