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Live or Dead™ Cell Viability Assays Optimized for Flow Cytometry


The effective labeling of cells provides a powerful method for studying cellular events in a spatial and temporal context.

One of the most common laboratory methods for determining cell viability is using cell-impermeant dyes. Compromised membranes of dead cells permit the influx of cell-impermeant dyes and become stained, whereas viable cells do not.

Each of the 10 unique Live or Dead™ Fixable Dead Cell Staining Kits employ amine-reactive membrane-impermeant dyes to differentiate live and dead cells during flow cytometry. Labeled cells can be fixed, permeabilized, and probed for other multiparameter staining experiments.

These kits are efficient tools for preserving fluorescent images of particular cells and can also be used for fluorescence microscope demonstrations.

Investigating a unique aspect of cell viability? Not sure what materials you need? Contact us and our scientists can probably help.

Cell_Viability_2.jpgCell Viability Detection: Jurkat cells were treated and stained by Live or Dead™ Fixable Dead Cell Staining Kit (deep red), then formaldehyde-fixed and analyzed by flow cytometry. Live (Blue), staurosporine treated (Green) and heat-treated (Red) cells were distinguished in APC channel.


Live or Dead™ Cell Viability Assays


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Cell_Viability_3.jpgCell Viability Imaging: Jurkat cells were heat- treated or left untreated, then stained with Live or Dead™ Fixable Dead Cell Staining Kit & imaged via fluorescence microscope using TRITC filter.

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