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Total/Ratio GSH & NAD Assays

Glutathione (GSH) are both major players in the generation and regulation of superoxides and hydrogen peroxide, as well as cellular energy generation and function. Assays for quantitating them are essential in research on multiple pathologies including neurodegeneration and diabetes.
Our growing Amplite™ product series includes multiply-cited, all-inclusive kits to accurately measure these essential molecules, as well as
standalone probes for research use.










GSH and Total (GSH+GSSG) dose responses were measured with Amplite™ Fluorimetric Glutathione GSH/GSSG Ratio Assay Kit.
Blue line: in the presence of GSH only; Red line: in the presence of 1:1

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Amplite™ Colorimetric NAD/NADH Ratio Assay Kit was used to measure NAD/NADH ratio in a white wall/clear bottom microplate.

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