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Improving Accuracy In Measuring NADP/NADPH
NADP/NADPH is the least abundant of the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide pairs. NADPH is associated with biosynthesis of macromolecules, providing the reducing power necessary for those synthetic reactions.

Increased biosynthesis is characteristic of rapidly proliferating cells, such as cancer cells, and NADPH is considered a key molecule produced as a result of cancer metabolism. as well as
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

Many traditional NADP/NADPH assays are done by monitoring absorption at 340 nm, which requires expensive quartz microplates. Unfortunately, this method suffers low sensitivity and high interference.

• Use an assay that uses a
longer wavelength for better signal/noise ratio.

• To improve assay sensitivity,
fluorimetric format allows lower interference.

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AAT_uppper_image.pngTotal NADPH and NADP dose response: Amplite® Colorimetric NADP/NADPH Ratio Assay Kit was used to measure total NADP/NADPH amount. Equal amounts of NADP and NADPH mixture were treated with or without NADP extraction solution for 15 minutes, and then neutralized with extraction solution at room temperature. The signal was read at 460 nm.

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NADP+/NADPH Ratio: The ratio of NADP+/NADPH under normoxia and hypoxia in shScr or shACC1 H1975 cells was calculated with the Amplite® Fluorimetric NADP/NADPH Ratio Assay Kit. Source: ACLY and ACC1 Regulate Hypoxia-Induced Apoptosis by Modulating ETV4 via α-ketoglutarate Keenan, et al., PLOS (2015).

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