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Minor-Groove DNA Binder Dyes For Multicolor Fluorescence Microscopy
Double helix DNA molecules have distinct chemical features on their molecular surface that act as recognition sites for small molecules and binding proteins. These sites are characterized by either shallow and wide major grooves, or deep and narrow minor grooves. Transcription factor proteins, essential for the regulation of gene expression, bind to the base pairs of the major grooves in dsDNA.

Popular cell-permeable minor-groove dyes like DAPI and Hoechst stains are both popular for labeling and visualizing DNA in fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. Modern options such as the Nuclear™ series, including both the popular blue version as well as other colors for use in multiplexing, have also gained increased usage.

Although all of the dyes referenced above can be used on both living and fixed cells, only the Nuclear™ series are fixable, whereas neither Hoechst 33342 (the most popular Hoechst version) nor DAPI can be fixed.

Both minor groove binders and intercalating dyes are very useful for analyzing DNA content in living cells. Contact us for any assistance with nuclear dye selection or optimization of any of our products.

Fluorescence Image Composition: HeLa cells stained with AAT Bioquest's Nuclear™ LCS1 dye series. Cells were stained with Nuclear Violet™, Nuclear Green™ (Top Left & Right), Nuclear Yellow, Nuclear Orange™ (Center Left & Right) and Nuclear Red™ (Bottom Left) LCS1 dyes.

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Minor-Groove_DNA_Binder_Dyes_For_Fluorescence_Microscopy_3.jpgMulticolor Fluorescence Visualization: HeLa cells were stained with MitoLite™ Green FM (Green) and co-stained with nuclei stain Nuclear Red™ LCS1 (Red).

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