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Labeling Actin: Phalloidin vs. Antibody Conjugates

Fluorescent-labeled phalloidin is enormously useful in localizing actin filaments in living or fixed cells as well as for visualizing individual actin filaments in vitro. In comparison to antibodies, phalloidin-dye conjugates are smaller, so labeling does not impede cell function. This small size also permits much denser labeling, which allows for more detailed images at higher resolutions.
Although a wide range of options are available, for multicolor imaging applications green color conjugates are the most popular. Fluorescein is a classic choice, with Alexa Fluor® 488 and the newest high performing Phalloidin-iFluor® 488 conjugates providing brighter signal with greater photostability.
For help in transitioning your workflow from older protocols for modern labels, our scientists are available for technical support.


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Using_Phalloidin's_Smaller_Size_for_Improved_Actin_Labeling_Density_and_Imaging_2.pngCell Types & Phalloidin Staining:
A) CPA cell labeled with Phalloidin iFluor® 488, and co-stained with lysosomal dye LysoBrite™ Red and nuclei stain Nuclear Blue™ DCS1. B) HeLa cells labeled with Phalloidin-iFluor® 350 and co-stained with nuclei stain Nuclear Red™ DCS1. C) HeLa cells labeled with Phalloidin-iFluor® 555, and co-stained with mitochondria stain MitoLite™ Green FM, nuclei stain Nuclear Blue™ DCS1, and plasma membrane stain Cellpaint™ Deep Red.

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Using_Phalloidin's_Smaller_Size_for_Improved_Actin_Labeling_Density_and_Imaging_3.jpgMulticolor Fluorescent Imaging: HeLa cells were fixed in 4% formaldehyde, co-labeled with mitochondria dye MitoLite™ Red FX600 (red), actin filaments with Phalloidin- iFluor® 488 Conjugate (green), and nuclei were stained with Nuclear Blue™ DCS1 (blue).

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