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Neural Factors – Supporting Nerve Cell Culture and Differentiation

Assisting Neurodegeneration Research with AneuroTM

Neural factors, including neurotropic and nerve growth factors, control several aspects of the survival, development, and function of neurons throughout the nervous system. Limiting neural factors during development has revealed a direct correlation to the number of surviving neurons.  

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ACROBiosystems has launched several full-length transmembrane proteins including PAR2, CXCR6, GPRC5B, and CXCR3 based on a multi-pass transmembrane proteins development technology platform to accelerate GPCRs targeted drug development!


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Solutions for Electrophysiology recordings

Electrophysiology recordings are an essential part of neuroscience research, helping us elucidate the different field potentials within different brain regions and the flow of electrical signals between neurons. Electrophysiological recordings are critical for analyzing different neural circuit functions and their association with neurodegenerative diseases.



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ADC Solutions


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Exploring Antibody Targets and Characterization

A Middle-down Approach for Evaluating ADCs

Developing ADCs

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Understanding your antibody is the first step in increasing your ADC development success. Before using our site-specific AGLink conjugation kits, ensure that your antibodies are exactly what you need, to guarantee optimal results.


 Explore our enzyme catalog to find the right enzyme or learn more about how our enzymes can help you characterize your antibodies!

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Enzymes for In-Depth Antibody Characterization

Enzymes.jpg To enable antibody characterization methods, ACROBiosystems has developed a series of enzymes to assist with the characterization of antibodies and their related PTMs.


Diagnostics Solutions

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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Antibody

General operational procedure for immunohistochemical staining

IHC Antibody.jpgImmunohistochemistry (IHC) is an antibody-based technology that uses the principle of specific binding of antigen and antibody through the reaction of enzyme-labeled antibody and substrate solution to conduct the localization, qualitative and quantitative research of intracellular antigen in tissue cells. 

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Claudin-18.2 IHC Antibodies


Using Claudin-18.2 primary antibody (Cat. No. HCS-S278) to stain human tumor tissue samples, positive cell cytoplasm and/or cell membrane specific positive staining (staining intensity ≥ 1), no non-specific staining (staining intensity < 1), no background staining (staining intensity < 1 ).


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