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ACROBiosystems社 Anti-MMAE Antibodies for PK/PD Studies on ADCs



Anti-MMAE Antibodies for PK/PD Studies on ADCs




Given the complex structure of ADCs, which contain both large and small molecule components, and the mixture of various DAR species in the dosing solution, the PK of ADCs are expected to be complex, at least three different analytes are commonly required to characterize the PK properties of an ADC: antibody-drug conjugated, total antibody, and unconjugated payload. Pharmacokinetic (PK) study is necessary for drug discovery and development process to help understand and predict the behavior of drugs and to link with the pharmacodynamics or toxicological effects of drugs.

Due to highly cytotoxic characteristics, PK studies of the payloads used for ADCs are important in understanding the behavior of the payloads.


AntiMMAE_3.jpg ACROBiosystems has recently launched a serial of anti-MMAE antibodies with high affinity and specificity that are designed for use in an ELISA environment, and can be applied in PK/PD studies of MMAE-ADCs, thereby greatly saving the time and costs.


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