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ACROBiosystems社 Brighter, More Stable Fluorescent Reagents to monitor your CAR cells



Brighter, More Stable Fluorescent Reagents to monitor your CAR Cells


Excitation Wavelength:565/480nm

Emission Wavelength:578nm
R-phycoerythrin (R-PE) is a natural, non-toxic, stable, and water-soluble light-harvesting pigment protein extracted from algae. R-PE also has good biocompatibility, high pH stability, and excellent fluorescent properties such as a high absorption coefficient, high fluorescence quantum yield, and a large Stokes shift. These excellent properties make R-PE an ideal fluorescent marker in biological analysis and biomedicine.

Why choose PE-Labelled CAR Targets? 


Fluorescent-labeled proteins are useful in various scenarios including flow cytometry for CAR-positive rate detection, PK research, and CAR cell tissue penetration by IHC. Based on these advantages, selecting PE-labelled proteins can provide an advantage due to their fluorescent stability, intensity, not-to-mention, and maturity. Click here to check out our PE Fluorescent-labeled CAR Targets catalog for monitoring your CAR cells.


With the unique advantages of PE fluorescence and Star Staining site-specific labeling technology, ACROBiosystems' PE-labeled protein has high specificity and extremely low non-specific background for CAR detection by flow cytometry.


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PE-Labeled Human CD19 (20-291), His Tag Star Staining (Cat. No. CD9-HP2H5)

Fluorescent-labeled_CAR_target_4.jpg5e5 of anti-CD19 CAR-293 cells were stained with 100 μL of 1:50 dilution (2 μL stock solution in 100 μL FACS buffer) of PE-Labeled Human CD19 (20-291), His Tag (Cat. No. CD9-HP2H5) and negative control protein respectively (Fig. C and B), and non-transfected 293 cells were used as a control (Fig. A). PE signal was used to evaluate the binding activity (QC tested).

PE-Labeled Human BCMA / TNFRSF17 Protein, His Tag Star Staining (Cat. No. BCA-HP2H7)

Fluorescent-labeled_CAR_target_5.jpgNon-specific binding to non-transduced PBMCs between PE-Labeled Human BCMA Protein of Acro and competitor. 5e5 of non-transduced PBMCs were stained with PE -Labeled Human BCMA Protein and anti-CD3 antibody, washed, and then analyzed with FACS. The FITC signal was used to evaluate the expression of CD3+ T cells in non-transduced PBMCs, and the PE signal was used to evaluate the non-specific binding activity to non-transduced PBMCs.

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