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Cathepsin B For AGLink® ADC Site-specific conjugation kit

Various factors during development can affect the efficacy of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), among which conjugation technology is a very important factor. A site-specific conjugation method precisely controls the conjugation site, producing a homogenous mixture, which is an especially promising path to improving ADC design. ACROBiosystems utilize AGLink® site-specific conjugation kit to perform site-specific enzymatic modification of IgG Fc glycans and evaluate ADC conjugation homogeneity and cytotoxicity.


>> Site-specific conjugation through Fc-glycans with high conjugation efficiency.

>> Uniform DAR value that result in a highly homogeneous ADC products.

>> Universal and efficient: Eliminate amino acid sequence evaluations.

>> Easy to use: One-pot conjugation method.

Product List

Cat. No.

Product Description



AGlink ADC Conjugation Kit (MMAE, DAR4)

1 Reaction, 2mg antibody conjugation


AGlink ADC Conjugation Kit (MMAE, DAR2)

1 Reaction, 2mg antibody conjugation

Verification data

The Linker contained in the kit can be cleavaged by Cathepsin BACROBiosystems can provide high quality Cathepsin B proteases to Evaluate the effect of proteases cleavage of linker to ensure the efficient release of the intracellular payloads.


>> Natural conformation: HEK293 expressed protein to ensure the natural structure;

>> High enzyme activity: enzyme activity > 2,500 pmol/min/µg.

More proteases for peptide linker



Plasma Kallikrein/KLKB1

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