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ACROBiosystems社 CD3:A Promising Tumor Therapeutic Target in the Field of Bispecific Antibodies




CD3:A Promising Tumor Therapeutic Target in the Field of Bispecific Antibodies


CD3 is an important biomarker on the T-cell membrane and consists of four protein chains (CD3δ, CD3ε, CD3γ, and CD3ζ). Of these, two pairs of heterodimers(CD3δ/CD3ε, CD3γ/CD3ε)can form the TCR/CD3 complex together and be involved in the regulation of T cell antigen recognition, signal transduction, and T cell development. The intracellular region of the TCR is very short and cannot perform signal transduction independently and bispecific antibodies allow for dose control to reduce toxicity compared to CAR-T. Therefore, CD3 is a promising target for tumor therapy in the field of bispecific antibodies.


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To accelerate the research and development of bispecific antibodies, ACROBiosystems has developed a series of homogeneous CD3δ/CD3ε and CD3γ/CD3ε proteins with high bioactivity. These proteins are verified as a 1:1 heterodimer by nonreductive electrophoresis and MALS respectively. In addition, customer data suggests that bispecific antibody products from ACROBiosystems can be used in applications including, but not limited to clinical pharmacokinetics, therapeutic antibody screening, identification, and characterization.


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CD3E & CD3D CD3E & CD3G CD3 epsilon CD3 delta CD3 gamma


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