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ACROBiosystems社 Discover the Power of Natural Peptide-MHC Tetramers!




Discover the Power of Natural Peptide-MHC Tetramers!

Unlock the potential of authentic MHC tetramers for your research needs


Are you looking for more authentic and reliable tools for your research in immunology, antibody screening, or TCR investigations? Look no further! ACROBiosystems proudly presents our Natural Peptide-MHC Tetramers, meticulously designed to replicate the native conformation, and are recognized by the anti-HLA class I antibody (W6/32). These tetramers offer outstanding biological activity and are the perfect choice for your next experiment.

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ACROBiosystems' Peptide-MHC tetramers are produced through the co-expression of heterodimers, mimicking the natural conformation. They can be recognized by the anti-HLA class I antibody (W6/32) and exhibit excellent biological activity. These tetramers are effectively recognized by specific antibodies, making them the ideal choice for immunology, antibody screening, and TCR screening applications.
Don't compromise on quality; choose ACROBiosystems for precision and reliability in your research. Get your Natural Peptide-MHC Tetramers now!

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