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Star StainingTM

New Generation Tools for Dual-CAR Detection


Dual-targeting CAR-T cells are one of the next advancements in cell therapy to enhance antitumor activity and prevent tumor escape. Throughout the development process of CAR-T cells, the positive rate of CAR transfection is necessary for the quality control of all CAR-T cells. However, dual-targeting CAR cells require several fluorescent antigens that can cross-react and vary in resulting intensity.


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Star_Staining_3.jpgWith our unique ‘Star-Staining’ platform, we provide a wide array of fluorescently labeled proteins, including APC, FITC, PE, and Alexa Fluor, which provides high intensity, high specificity, and low background. This enables the simultaneous detection of CARs that can be easily resolved with different fluorescent probes.


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