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ACROBiosystems社 Finding an effective tool for immunocapture? Learn more about the small but useful beads!


Finding an effective tool for immunocapture? Learn more about the small but useful beads! 


A team from Peking University published their work about the screening of the neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in top journal Cell early this year. In their work, they used RBD and S protein pre-coupled magnetic beads to enrich the RBD binding B cells.

Compared to the traditional cell isolation method, the pre-coupling beads help to increase the efficiency by 20-fold!1


Fig. 1 Workflow of the pre-coupling magnetic beads

ACROBiosystems screened a few different beads including the ones for COVID-19 research and bring these tightly controlled superparamagnetic microspheres to you.

This product can be widely applied for immunocapture, biopanning, sample/cell enrichment, sample pre-treatment for analytical assays and flow cytometry analysis.

Features and Advantages

·     Low non-specific binding

ACRO chose the uniform, better-shaped paramagnetic beads to reduce the non-specific binding.

Fig2_TEM_data_of_different_magnetic_beads.jpgFig. 2 TEM data of different magnetic beads. A is ACRO’s magnetic beads; B and C are competitors’ beads.


·     High efficiency

Our pre-coupling beads are at the level of saturation. A maximum amount of proteins can ensure the best capture performance, which could increase the efficiency of your assay.

Fig3_The_binding_curve_between_RBD_pre-coupling_magnetic_beads_and_anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody.png

Fig 3. The binding curve between RBD pre-coupling magnetic beads and anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody.


Fig. 4 The binding curve between RBD pre-coupling magnetic beads and ACE2 protein.



·     Convenient

Our pre-coupling beads are lyophilized for long term storage. It is ready to use after reconstitution. No need for activation which could greatly save your time and hassle.

Product list:


Other recommended products

Cat.No. MB-12 Magnetic beads blocking buffer (We recommend using our blocking buffer together with the pre-coupling beads for immunocapture.)

Cat.No. SMB-B01 Magnetic beads™ Streptavidin (We recommend using our non-coupling streptavidin magnetic beads as a control)


Additionally, we do custom coupling projects for you. Click here to send us your inquiry.

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