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In the process of vaccine R&D, humoral immunity is one of the most important indicators to evaluate the immune response because of the key roles of antibodies in neutralizing viruses and inhibiting their entry into cells. ACROBiosysems has developed a series of ELISA kits, aiming to support pre-clinical and clinical trials of next-generation COVID vaccines.


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ACROBiosystems offers a wide range of raw materials and tools needed for cell therapy products, including cytokines, nucleases, and activation beads in both premium and GMP grades. And what's more, our premium-grade proteins originate from the same clone, sequence, and expression system as our GMP products.


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Current bsAb projects focus on combinations of tumor surface targets and CD3, which is expressed on the surface of T cells, helping mobilize T cells to target tumor cells. ACROBiosystems provides a series of high-quality CD3 proteins with multiple subtypes, tags, and species to assist in bsAb drug development.


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ACROBiosystems has developed exclusive LRRC15 proteins with high purity and high bioactivity, which are suitable for immune, antibody screening, SPR, cell activity detection, and other experiments, and can accelerate the development of antibody drugs.


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