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ACROBiosystems社 Insights:Facilitating Bispecific Antibody Drug Development through Quality Control



Facilitating Bispecific Antibody Drug Development through Quality Control


Bispecific antibodies(bsAbs) are a relatively new type of drug in the field of targeted therapeutics. By binding to both CD3 and a tumor-associated antigen, these bsAbs bridge T cells and tumor cells together to initiate tumor cell death, irrespective of T cell receptor specificity, co-stimulation, or peptide antigen presentation. Furthermore, the activation of T cells by CD3 bsAbs stimulates the secretion of a wide variety of cytokines to recruit immune helper cells to further enhance the anti-tumor cell effects.

Current marketed bsAbs that have successfully received market approval

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From the concept phase to clinical trials, many companies around the world are accelerating their research and development processes of these drugs, especially CD3-targeting bsAbs. This means that quality control of bsAb drugs becomes even more critical, especially as a novel immunotherapeutic. A key reagent for these quality control studies are recombinant proteins. To support bsAb research and its relevant quality control studies, ACROBiosystems strives to provide high-quality, bioactive, and consistent recombinant proteins including CD3 and many others.


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