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ACROBiosystems社 Inspiring Target: Breakthroughs of targeting Claudin 6 in mAb, bsAb, ADC, CAR-T cell therapy


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[Inspiring Target] Breakthroughs of targeting Claudin 6 in mAb, bsAb, ADC, CAR-T cell therapy



Claudin 6 (CLDN6) is an intercellular adhesion molecule that forms tight junctions around cells and regulates the permeability of the epidermal layer, preventing the free passage of solutes and water through cells.


Previous studies found that Claudin 6 was not detected in normal adult tissues, but it was highly expressed in a variety of solid tumor tissues such as ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, and endometrial cancer. Therefore, Claudin 6 is likely to follow Claudin 18.2, another potential target for cancer therapy in the Claudin family.



The partial pipeline of BioNTech


At present, drugs research targeting Claudin 6 is showing a scene of competition for breakthroughs.




ACROBiosystems has successfully developed HEK293 expressed full-length Claudin 6-VLP protein (Met 1 - Val 220) via "FLAG" to support drugs and therapies R&D targeting Claudin 6. 



Product List




Product Features


  • Full-length Claudin 6 protein with native and complete conformation


  • Higher immunogenicity due to inherent characteristics of VLP


  • High biological activity is verified by binding to antibodies


  • 100-300 nm in size and high identity verified by DLS, can be used as an optimal target for dendritic cells and phage display


  • Suitable for immunization/ELISA/SPR/BLI/cell-based assay, etc.




Verification Data


Full-length Claudin 6-VLP Protein (Cat. No. CL6-HF2G5)


  • High bioactivity verified by ELISA





Immobilized Human Claudin-6 Full-Length Protein-VLP (Cat. No. CL6-HF2G5) at 5 μg/mL (100 μL/well) can bind Anti-Human Claudin-6 Antibody, Human IgG1 with a linear range of 0.01-0.625 μg/mL (QC tested).




  • High identity verified by DLS




The mean peak Radius of Claudin 6-VLP (Cat. No. CL6-HF2G5) is 80-100 nm with more than 95% intensity as determined by dynamic light scattering (DLS).



>> Learn more about “FLAG”: full-length multi-pass transmembrane proteins and technology 



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