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ACROBiosystems社 Integrin αvβ6, an important target for the layout of many pharmaceutical companies




Integrin αvβ6, an important target

for the layout of many pharmaceutical companies


Integrin αvβ6 is a heterodimer composed of αv and β6 integrin subunits and is expressed only in epithelial cells. Through its function as a receptor and activity regulator of TGF-β1, it can maintain the quiescence of epithelial stem cells or moderate immune responses respectively.


Integrin_3.pngThe major structural domains of Integrin αvβ6


Integrin αvβ6 has many functions in physiological processes and diseases, such as:

  • Reduce lung inflammatory response;
  • Maintain periodontal health and tooth enamel;
  • Maintain epithelial barrier function and inhibit intestinal inflammation;
  • Participate in hair development, maintain hair follicle stem cell quiescence, and retain epidermal immune cells;
  • Mediates epithelial-mesenchymal cross-talk in wound healing and fibrosis;
  • Its high expression is associated with epithelial cancers, such as lung, breast, colon, gastric, endometrial, ovarian, liver, salivary gland, skin, and cervical and oral mucosal cancer.

Integrin_4.pngList of Integrin recombinant proteins, click to view product details and verification data


Integrin is a popular target for the treatment of various diseases, and many pharmaceutical companies have begun research on Integrin. Explore our catalog of Integrin proteins to help accelerate your research. Different species, tags, and labels are all available to fit your research needs!


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