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 Johnson & Johnson and Xencor establish a new milestone cooperation




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On October 4, 2021, Johnson & Johnson and Xencor reached a cooperation agreement that Johnson & Johnson paid $100 million in advance and made a $25 million equity investment in Xencor. In addition, it needed to pay a milestone amount of $1.188 billion to jointly develop and commercialize plamotamab (CD20 x CD3 bispecific antibody) and novel XmAb® B-cell targeting bispecific antibodies.


In September 2021, the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) of China announced that Roche's CD3/CD20 bispecific antibody RO7030816 (Mosunetuzumab) has obtained clinical trial implied permission for the treatment of relapsed/ refractory follicular lymphoma.


Targeting CD20 and CD3, the witness and creator in the process of antibody-drug development


Targeting CD20 and CD3 can offer a great prospect with regard to antibody drug development. In addition to monoclonal antibodies, pharmaceutical companies have turned the research and development of bispecific antibodies. It has set off a new upsurge in CD20/CD3 bispecific antibody drug development.





To facilitate the development of drugs targeting CD20 and bispecific T-cell engager antibodies, ACROBiosystems is providing full-length CD20 expressed by HEK293 and a series of high-quality CD3 proteins.


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