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MHC Tetramers for rapid, simple antigen-specific T cell detection

Custom solutions for MHC complex requirements

| MHC Monomers & Tetramers for Antigen Detection

To support the MHC-related research, natural MHC complexes with high biological activity in both monomer and tetramer forms are available. For antigen-specific detection, tetramers provide a more stable binding to the T cell receptor (TCR) for binding studies and FACS. MHC Complexes including (product list here)and peptide-free complexes are also available; all with different fluorescent labels. 

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MHC Tetramers


The MHC-peptide complex can stably bind to T cell receptors after tetramerization.

MHC Monomers


MHC monomers have low avidity and fast dissociation rates when binding to the TCR.

Can’t find what you need? We offer MHC-peptide complex development services using our HEK293 platform to ensure natural conformation while considering your specific needs and applications.

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| Our Workflow for Custom MHC Synthesis

01 Co-expressed monomer: Biotinylated MHC class I heavy chain and β2-microglobulin(β2m)are co-expressed in HEK293 systems to get the MHC class I monomer(peptide free) by purified in vitro.

02 Short peptide loading: Monomer MHC class I-peptide complex was obtained by co-incubation of MHC class I (peptide free) monomer with antigenic peptide.

03 Tetramerization: Subsequently, MHC class I-peptide complex monomers are linked by the addition of fluorochrome-labeled streptavidin.


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