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Organoid Toolbox Human iPSC-Derived Cerebral Organoid


Cerebral Organoids are complex 3D structures that mimic brain tissue in vitro. These models provide a more realistic and controllable platform for studying the mechanisms underlying neurological disorders, making them highly significant tools in neuroscience research.


See what can be done with our cerebral organoids!


When paired with our alpha-synuclein pre-formed fibrils, our cerebral organoids exhibit dopaminergic and neuronal damage that is highlighted spatially across the organoid. MAP2 expression (neural development marker) decreases with a noticeable increase in THT expression (alpha-synuclein fibril marker).


To accelerate the process of your drug development projects, we have newly launched the Organoid Toolbox, including ready-to-use organoids, organoid differentiation kits, and customized service for organoid development, disease modelling and testing, etc.


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