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Scalable Manufacturing Platforms for CAR T


As the demand for CAR T cell therapy increases, scalable manufacturing platforms will be a critical component in preventing manufacturing bottlenecks. By embracing the principle of ‘quality by design’, our raw materials are designed to help manufacturers achieve robust and reproducible CAR-T cell production based on manufacturing science and quality risk management. 

Solutions for T Cell Activation  and Culture

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GMP and Premium grade Cytokines


Our premium-grade cytokines in the early development stage are designed to seamlessly transition into GMP-grade cytokines when entering CMC or clinical phases and minimize the number of re-evaluation and validation studies performed.


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GMP grade GENIUS™ Nuclease


Using GMP-grade nucleases ensures that your final therapeutic does NOT have any residual DNA/RNA while following current manufacturing guidelines.


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CD3/CD28 Activation Beads


An Easier, Smarter Way to Stimulate and Expand Your T Cells

  • Diverse cell media compatibility with common media.
  • Improved naïve and stem memory T, cell count.
  • No required preparation steps like feeder cells, APCs, or antigen preparations. 

GMP Grade Anti-CD3 Antibody(OKT3)


OKT3 antibodies are critical for the activation and expansion of CD3+ T cells in research and ex vivo cell culture applications. Our GMP-grade OKT3 antibodies are designed to be for use under CMC and clinical research. 


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CRISPR-Cas Nuclease


Our Genpower series of nucleases now includes Cas9 and Cas12a. These proteins are mainly used for CRISPR-Cas system-targeted gene editing with high editing efficiency. 


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