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Take a look at free eBooks about ADCs



Antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs) are one of the fastest growing anticancer drugs. Decades of efforts have led to successful development of a variety of ADC therapies that benefit tens of thousands cancer patients. It is not difficult to envisage that future ADCs will show more surprises in targeted therapy for cancer.

You may find the following eBooks helpful for your drug development!


Several types of drug conjugates










This eBook summarizes the technical features and progress of several types of drug conjugates. You will learn the following key information:


Which drug conjugates are worth paying attention to besides ADCs?

Compared with ADC, what are the different advantages of various drug conjugates?

What are the design points and applications of different drug conjugates?

What are prominent examples of antibody fragment-drug conjugates?



Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are complex molecules that require careful attention to various components. You will learn the following key information for ADCs development in this eBook:

Specificity and expression of target

Affinity and internalization of antibody

Mechanism and properties of payload

Covalent and labile linkers

Conjugation chemistry



Key Points of Antibody–Drug Conjugates (ADCs) Development








To meet the needs of ADCs development, ACROBiosystems can provide a series of products, all products and services can meet the entire process of ADCs from antibody preparation, initial screening, production to quality control, facilitating your ADCs development.




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