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ACROBiosystems社 Ultralow Endotoxin Target-specific Activation Beads ? now available!



ActiveMax® Target-Specific Activation Beads


Ultralow Endotoxin, Sterile, and CAR-target specific. Designed for CAR cell activation, expansion, enrichment, and analysis.

Target-specific_Activation_Beads_3.pngManufacturing CAR cell therapies is a complex endeavor, especially with stringent quality control measures. When it comes to production, utilizing high-quality, low-endotoxin reagents is critical. Furthermore, when performing CAR studies using antigen multimers has been shown in research to provide better results.


We are now offering ActiveMax® Target-Specific Activation Beads for your CAR Therapy development! These magnetic beads are conjugated with multiple protein antigens including CD19, Mesothelin (MSLN), and BCMA, and manufactured under strict quality control systems to ensure sterility and low endotoxins.


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ActiveMax® Human CD19 μBeads, premium grade (for cells)


ActiveMax® Human MSLN μBeads, premium grade (for cells)


ActiveMax® Human BCMA μBeads, premium grade (for cells)


ActiveMax® Human CD7 μBeads, premium grade (for cells)


ActiveMax® Human Her2 μBeads, premium grade (for cells)


ActiveMax® Human CD22 μBeads, premium grade (for cells)


ActiveMax® Anti-FMC63 Antibody μBeads, premium grade (for cells)


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CD3/CD28 Activation Beads GMP Grade Cell Culture Cytokines Fluorescent-labeled CAR Target

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