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The Next Target for mRNA Vaccines: HIV?


HIV antigens and antibodies
Utilizing the same mRNA technology from their COVID vaccines, Moderna is now entering Phase 1 clinical trials for their mRNA-based HIV vaccine. Earlier in 2021, this vaccine was shown to trigger the production of neutralizing antibodies against HIV-like viruses in monkeys, focusing on surface-bound glycoproteins, gp41 and gp120. Further research around these surface glycoprotein subunits has been shown to induce the production of antibodies that can neutralize over 80% of the virus.


A New Era of Structure-based Vaccine Design?


The journey in developing an RSV vaccine is nearing the end with the FDA's approval of GSK’s AREXVY. From the 1960s, RSV vaccine research was put at a standstill until the identification of a different protein conformation, the pre-fusion form. Focusing on the pre-fusion RSV F protein, vaccine design was improved significantly. Of course, this brings bigger hope not only to combat RSV but also to other vaccines, highlighting the role of protein structure in vaccine design. Vaccine_development_3.png
RSV antigens and antibodies


Product Spotlight


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Vaccine_development_7.jpgLearn more about RSV structural conformation analytical methods by downloading our application note!

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