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ACROBiosystems社 Why full length CD20 is necessary for antibody drug development?


The new released article Structure of CD20 in complex with the therapeutic monoclonal antibody rituximab published on Science by Genentech team highlights the importance of having intact CD20 for antibody drug development. The team confirmed that the secondary ECL1/2 epitope and Fab: Fab interface contribute to the unique binding properties and high CDC activity of rituximab.

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Lionel Rougé, et al. Structure of CD20 in complex with the therapeutic monoclonal antibody rituximab. Science. 2020

To help CD20 antibody drug development, the HEK293 expressed full length CD20 from ACROBiosystems has been very attractive to customers.

HEK293 Expressed Full Length CD20 Proteins with Nanodisc / DDM

FACS Verified and Protocols Offered


Full length CD20 protein has a complete conformation with both small and big loops.

Different types of CD20 proteins with Nanodisc / DDM.

Suitable for immunization, ELISA, SPR, BLI and FACS.

Protocols offered for free.


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Molecule Cat. No. Host Type Tag Protocols
CD20/MS4A1 CD0-H52H3 HEK293 Unconjugated, DMM His Tag Request BLI/ SPR/ ELISA Protocols
CD0-H82E5 HEK293 Biotinylated, DMM His tag & Avitag Request FACS Protocol 
CD0-H82E3 HEK293 Biotinylated, Nanodisc His tag & Avitag Request FACS Protocol


Latest Research on CD20 Target
Structure of CD20 in complex with the therapeutic monoclonal antibody rituximab
First release on 20 February 2020 on Science by Genentech



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