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Gene editing with CRISPR Nuclease mRNA

We offer Genome Editing solutions tailored for your CRISPR-based gene editing experiments! Our CRISPR Nuclease mRNA lineup comprises ready-to-transfect wild-type Cas9, Mutant Cas9, and Mad7 mRNA, providing you with versatile options for precision genome editing.


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Wild type Cas9 mRNA


Cas9 nickase (H840a mutation) mRNA


Cas9 Double Mutant (DM)

One key advantage of our reagents is their ability to reduce off-target effects, safeguarding cells from potential unwanted cellular responses. We ensure that your research is focused and reliable, virtually free of unintended genomic alterations!



Explore the possibilities of genome editing with Allele's Genome Editing mRNA reagents and elevate the accuracy and reliability of your research endeavors!


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