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Allele Biotechnology社 GFPと特異的に結合するVHH抗体 GFP-nAb

GFP融合タンパク質を特異的かつ簡単に単離可能 (GFP-nAb)

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Optimized by the research team at Allele Biotechnology, GFP-nAb™ is a highly specific GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) binding protein derived from camelids. It is characterized by a small barrel shaped structure (13 KDa, 2.5nm X 4.5 nm) and a very high stability (stable up to 70°C, functional within 2M NaCl or 0.5% SDS). Experiments have shown that one molecule of GFP-nAb™ binds one molecule of GFP with a dissociation constant (Kd) in the sub nanomolar range. This makes GFP-nAb™ the ideal candidate for a variety of biological assays, some of which are listed below:



GFP-nAb™ binds a large number of commonly used fluorescent proteins derived from the original Aequorea victoria GFP, including EGFP, Venus, Cerulean, and EBFP2 (full list coming soon). Conveniently, it displays no binding affinity to non-jellyfish-derived fluorescent proteins, including the "mFruits" such as mCherry, or Allele's mNeonGreen, mTFP1, mWasabi, and mMaple fluorescent proteins. The GFP-nAb™ Spin Kit offers a simple, consistent protocol to cleanly pull down GFP fusions. Each GFP-nAb™ Spin Kit comes with all required buffers and spin columns to eliminate inconsistent elutions and allow you to perform multiple immunoprecipiation reactions in a matter of minutes.



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Complete Pulldown using the GFP-nAb™ Spin Kit.

EGFP-expressing Sf9 (insect) cell lysate contained a total of 16µg of EGFP in total volume of 500µl, determined spectrophotometrically. Following the GFP-nAb™ Spin Kit binding and wash protocols, the protein was eluted in 2 x 50 µl elution buffer (0.2M glycine pH 2.5), pooled, and neutralized with 10µl of 1M Tris base. Equal volumes of lysate input (I), flow-through (FT) after binding to GFP-nAb™ agarose resin, and elution (E) fractions were analyzed by SDS-PAGE followed by Coomassie staining. In this experiment, EGFP was quantitatively removed from the lysate.










Product Name
Cat. No. 
GFP-nAb™ Agarose Spin Kit (20 Reactions)  ABP-nAB-GFPAK20 20 rxn
GFP-nAb™ Agarose 0.25ml  ABP-nAB-GFPA025 250 ul
GFP-nAb™ Agarose 0.5ml  ABP-nAB-GFPA050 500 ul
GFP-nAb™ Agarose 1ml ABP-nAB-GFPA100 1 ml
GFP-nAb Purified Protein ABP-nAB-GFPAB 250 ug
GFP-nAb™ Magnetic 0.25ml  ABP-nAB-GFPM025 250 ul
GFP-nAb™ Magnetic 0.5ml  ABP-nAB-GFPM050 500 ul
GFP-nAb™ Magnetic 1ml  ABP-nAB-GFPM100 1 ml
nAb Spin Kit Columns and Buffers ABP-nAB-SPINK20 20 rxn
GFP-nAb Polyacrylamide Resin (10ml) ABP-nAB-GFPP100 10 ml
GFP-nAb Polyacrylamide Resin (1ml) ABP-nAB-GFPP010 1 ml
GFP-nAb Polyacrylamide Resin (5ml) ABP-nAB-GFPP050 5 ml
Agarose Control 0.5ml ABP-nAB-ACNTRL5 500 ul



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