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Allele Biotechnology社 黄緑色蛍光タンパク質 mNeonGreen

mNeonGreenは、頭索類Branchiostoma lanceolatum由来の四量体蛍光タンパク質から得られた単量体の黄緑色蛍光タンパク質で、単量体の緑色蛍光タンパク質および黄色蛍光タンパク質の中で最高の輝度を有します。従来のイメージングと同様に、超解像分子イメージングにも優れたタグとして利用できます。また、蛍光共鳴エネルギー移動(FRET)におけるシアン色蛍光タンパク質のアクセプターとして有効です。 


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For a span of 20 years, researchers have by and large looked to Aequorea victoria Green Fluorescent protein (GFP) for their imaging, and tracking needs. Over this time period, the development of GFP has elicited a wide spectrum of colors and optimized versions for a multitude of applications. As imaging moves into the super resolution era, most common fluorescent proteins, including GFP, may not possess certain characteristics beneficial for super resolution applications. With this in mind, Allele now offers a new high performance monomeric yellow-green fluorescent protein, mNeonGreen, derived from a tetrameric fluorescent protein from the cephalochordate Branchiostoma lanceolatum. mNeonGreen is the brightest monomeric green or yellow fluorescent protein to date, and is an excellent fusion tag for traditional imaging as well as stochastic single-molecule super resolution imaging. Lastly it is a stellar fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) acceptor for cyan fluorescent proteins.  For more information on mNeonGreen's properties view our publication, "A bright monomeric green fluorescent protein derived from Branchiostoma lanceolatum" in the journal Nature Methods.


■ mNeonGreen absorbance, excitation, and emission 


■ mNeonGreen Basic Properties
Excitation Max (nm) 506
Emission Max (nm) 517
Quantum Yield 0.8
Extinction coefficient 116,000
Brightness 92.8
pKa 5.7


■ Super Resolution Imaging Localization Data 
Fluorescent Protein # Molecules Localized # Photons per Molecule PSF Width (nm)
mNeonGreen 33,783 663 ± 259 167.3 ± 34.1
Clover 15,281 408 ± 263 176.4 ± 57.6
mEGFP 6,803 523 ± 261 165.8 ± 37.1


■ Fluorescence imaging of mNeonGreen fusion vectors


Plasma Membrane





microtubules-color.png replicationfoci-color.png


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