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Cryo-Em is poised to break records this year.
Our standards will be at the same high level as they’ve always been.


As you might know, 2019 has been an incredible year for membrane protein structural biology. In fact, with 92 unique structures deposited so far this year (and two months still on the calendar), 2019 is on pace to shatter last year’s record number of structures.

Interestingly, a great majority of new structures were determined via Cryo-EM again this year. And, while the actual percentage is slightly lower than 2018, it still shows how this method is revolutionizing membrane protein structural biology. As expected, the detergents most often used for Cryo-EM structure determination were GDN, DDM, DDM+CHS, and LMNG. Non-detergent systems, like amphipols, were also part of this year’s mix. But what really gets us excited is that GDN has gained so much ground, as the number of structures determined using GDN will most likely eclipse those using Digitonin – reinforcing the value of GDN as a synthetic drop-in substitute for Digitonin.

To see all of the Cryo-EM structures determined so far for 2019, along with the specific detergents used, take a look at our updated Cryo-EM structures chart here.

And if you’re looking for the right tools to support your membrane and soluble protein Cryo-EM workflow, check out our Cryo-EM workflow page, summarizing offerings from Anatrace and Molecular Dimensions, such as fluorinated surfactants, amphipols, protein stability screens, grid boxes, storage pucks, and more.

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