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It’s been nearly 35 years since the first membrane protein structure was published by the lab of Hartmut Michel. Since then, there have been many revolutionary accomplishments in the field, leading to over 950 unique membrane protein structures deposited to-date. But even with all this progress, identifying which detergent to use for the solubilization and stabilization of a membrane protein remains challenging.

So how do you identify the correct detergent for your membrane protein? The best way is still experimental screening. To aid this often laborious process, we’ve developed several tools to perform detergent screening in a high-throughput manner.

One of our favorite tools to sift through the available detergent options is the Analytic Selector Kit. Based on the Differential Filtration Assay, developed by the lab of Michael Wiener at the University of Virginia, our assay is a high-throughput method that reports on the size and stability of membrane proteins after exchange into a panel of 94 different detergents.

Recently, our kit’s panel of 94 detergents has been used in a number of other high-throughput assays, including in situ dynamic light scattering and differential scanning fluorimetry. Building on this recent popularity, we’re excited to offer the detergent panel from our Analytic Selector Kit as a stand-alone product. Comprising 150 µl of 94 unique detergents, the Analytic Selector Detergent Panel (AL-SEL-DP) allows for high-throughput detergent screening using any number of commercial and in-house methods.

To learn more about how our tools can help you find the perfect detergent for your studies, visit us here!

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