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  What is it?


  • Potential substitute for non-biodegradable Polyoxyethylene detergents.
  • Purified from EcoSurf™ EH-9, Anapoe® grade (≤ 20 μM of equivalent peroxide).
  • Promising for structural biology, general biochemistry as well as molecular biology applications.


  Why use it?


  • New detergent from the Polyoxyethylene group, which includes widely-used chemicals like Triton, Tween, Genapol, Brij, Thesit, and Lubrol.
  • Compliant with recent European ecological regulations.
  • Original formulation pre-approved by the US EPA to meet the criteria of their Safer Choice label.
  • Low peroxide content does not disturb protein tertiary structure, making all Anapoe® detergents desirable for structural biology work.



Structure of third thioredoxin-like domain of UDP-glucose:glycoprotein glucosyltransferase (1.2Å). Anapoe-C12E8 detergent molecule is depicted as stick model. Zhu et al. Sci Rep 4, 7322 (2014).


  Background & Development of Anapoe® EH-9

Polyoxyethylene (POE) detergents have been instrumental in structural biology. Overall, around 10% of membrane proteins of known structure were solubilized in these detergents before successful structural work [1]. Moreover, a similar percentage of membrane protein structures were solved using POEs as part of structure determination conditions (predominantly structures solved by X-ray diffraction) [1]. They allowed scientists to determine crystal structures of beta-barrel proteins, large respiratory complexes, and ABC transporters, as well as other proteins [2,3].


POEs are depicted by chemical formulas of the general type CxEy (C8E4 to C12E14 and beyond, where x is the length of the alkyl chain and y is the quantity of oxyethylene units). A few popular names in this class are Triton, Tween, Genapol, Brij, Thesit, and Lubrol. POEs show a range of CMC, micelle sizes, and surfactant properties: from harsher (e.g. C8E4) to milder (e.g. C12E14) [2]. POE detergents require purification of industrial mixtures, whose quality may vary from batch to batch. As POEs contain ether-linked headgroups, they can accumulate peroxides as a common contaminant over a period of time. Peroxides could disturb the tertiary structure of proteins and potentially interfere with native protein folding, which could lead to inactivation or disintegration of the desired macromolecule. Industrial-grade POEs contain hydrogen peroxide as high as 0.2%w/w, and these levels can significantly increase with time upon exposure to light, heat and/or oxygen in the air.




To combat these problems, Anapoe® EH-9 reagents were crafted by purifying respective industrial grade detergents to contain less than 20 µM of equivalent peroxide. It is supplied as a 10% aqueous solution and packed under an inert gas to assure added stability. Anapoe® EH-9 detergents are prepared and enhanced so you get the functionality you need, without the side effects.


Anatrace is amplifying its successful Anapoe® portfolio with a new product, Anapoe® EH-9 (APEEH9). It is purified from ECOSURF™ EH-9, which is compliant with ecological regulations concerning biodegradability [4]. The product is tested to meet our high standards of less than 20µM peroxides. And we bring it at an affordable price in a variety of package sizes!


[1] Choy, BC., et al. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta Bba - Biomembr 1863, 183533 (2021). doi:10.1016/j.bbamem.2020.183533

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[5] TMECOSURF is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow


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