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Tag-free Recombinant Protein Production

Current lab practice for purifying recombinant protein is by using various protein/peptide tags, such as poly-His tag, Flag tag, GST tag and etc. While these tags allow rapid affinity purification with existing substrates, the tags, themselves, may alter the structure and function of recombinant proteins. It is therefore highly recommended that no tag is used on recombinant protein for high-end applications, such as protein crystallization or cryoEM, protein therapeutics, protein biologics and etc.


BiCell Scientific Inc has developed a robust protein expression system utilizing monoclonal antibody to purify recombinant proteins from a variety of model cells, e.g. human HEK293 cells, insect Sf9 cells and yeast Pichia pastoris cells. In addition to purified proteins, customers will receive one or two monoclonal antibodies that have been validated by affinity chromatography and can be used for future affinity purification.

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