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Biotium社 Announcing new lysosome stains from orange to near-IR




Biotium announces the release of 4 additional LysoView™ colors from orange to near-IR:

LysoView™ 550, LysoView™ 594, LysoView™ 640, LysoView™ 680.


LysoView™ stains are Biotium’s bright and photostable dyes for imaging lysosome localization and morphology in live cells. Now available in 9 colors with options for pH-sensitivity and super-resolution.


  • No wash staining: Stain directly in culture medium
  • Long-term imaging: Non-toxic for live-cell imaging up to 72 hours
  • Wide selection: Blue to far-red fluorescence, including a unique near-IR dye
  • pH selective: LysoView™ 540 and LysoView™ 633 are pH-sensitive for enhanced specificity
  • Super resolution: Dye options validated for SIM and STED imaging



Live HeLa cells stained with 1X LysoView™ dyes for 30 minutes at 37°C.




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